Tyreek Hill has been “grinding my tail off” after Super Bowl embarrassment

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce isn’t the only one still salty about Kansas City’s 31-9 loss to Tampa Bay. Receiver Tyreek Hill remains upset more than five months after having the deuces thrown his way, too.

“Man, you know what, man?” Hill recently told TMZ.com. “I’ve been grinding my tail off ever since that loss. . . . I feel like we was kind of embarrassed on national TV during the biggest game, you know, in the last game of the year.”

And like every player from every team that ever loses the Super Bowl, Hill intends to return.

“We definitely don’t want to go down that route again,” he said. “We’ll be back.”

It won’t be easy, as if it ever is. The AFC has plenty of teams good enough to get there instead. And if Aaron Rodgers gets his beautiful-mystery wish via a trade to the Broncos, that’s another team that becomes an instant contender in the division and the conference.