Xbox Series S may soon have a third-party attachable display for portability

The Xbox Series S is relatively compact—certainly smaller than its big brother, the Series X. However, it is far from what one would consider portable. Of course, this hasn’t stopped Australian startup UPspec from developing an attachable screen for the box.

Dubbed the xScreen, the 11.6-inch display attaches to the back of an Xbox Series S by plugging into its various ports. Your Xbox cables, in turn, plug into the xScreen’s base, with HDMI output going to the gadget’s built-in speakers and 1080p LED. Once hooked up, it effectively gives your Xbox a display that folds down when not in use.

Let’s be frank here. This device is not going to turn Microsoft’s digital console into a dedicated portable gaming device. You still need a power outlet for the Xbox (the screen gets juice from the console’s USB), so you’re not going to be packing it to the park. However, it might be handy for overnight stays away from home and your kids’ sleepover parties.

The xScreen is by no means novel. Several companies in the early 2000s made similar devices for the ultra-compact PS One, which had a drastically smaller form factor than the XBSS. UPspec is not breaking new ground here, but it is tapping a market that has seen a bit of success in the past for other consoles.

The real sticking point here is the xScreen’s cost. At a retail price of $249, the display is almost as much as the XBSS itself ($300 if you can find one). So it’s a relatively expensive piece of equipment that will probably only see occasional use.

The xScreen has not reached the commercial production stage, but UPspec has met its modest Kickstarter funding goal of $9,703. Kotaku notes it met funding twenty minutes after starting its Kickstarter campaign. Interest in the device has generated $58,791 as of this writing.

Earlybird investors get a 20-percent discount on the display but keep in mind there is still no guarantee it will make production despite meeting its funding goal. If all goes well, UPspec expects to start production and shipping in December.